Jorge Show of Fireworks 74sh




A beautifully crafted piece, the 74s Show of Fireworks first begins with a selection of vivid Yellow & Pink Peonies interlaced with Silver Flying Fish, these shots fire skyward one after the other. The second sequence is a fan of 5 simultaneous shots in one volley, each with Silver Tails and large bursts of Red Coconuts and Silver Strobing Stars.The next section quickens into a punch fire style volley of Red Coconuts with Crackling Clouds along with Yellow & Gold Peonies that burst with a heavy charge. A further fanned volley of Silver Comets with Red Tips large Red Comets, followed by a 2nd fanned volley of Red Palms and Crackle, followed by yet another fanned volley of unusual spinning Tourbillions which then in turn all create a large bang and eject huge clusters of Red and Silver Strobing Stars….then to top it off another finale Punch Volley of huge Golden Comets with a loud Dragon Egg Crackle Burst – Stunning


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